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Updated August 20, 2014

Letter to the editor: Steve Krueger

• by Randy Carlsen

Letter to the editor

Recently, the Dodge County Board members have made a few public statements in regards to the Keystone Cops article placed within Outer Boundary Magazine. Even though I respect each individual's opinion, the absolute lack of facts and honesty within the retorts emanating from the elected officials within your county is astounding and needs to be addressed.

The article was written to address specific actions taken by specific individuals, when others circle wagons at their own choosing it does not instantly infer the situation incorporates everybody within a government entity as guilty, or a party to other people's actions. Any such suggestion is opposite to what the article states. Outer Boundary Magazine is completely thorough when composing investigative articles, accumulating massive amounts of documentation to back up anything written...and all the colorful adjectives in the world created by an elected official's pen cannot erase the very paper trail created by everyone involved. The article has been researched over the past two years and Outer Boundary Magazine cannot control the timing of an individual's ambitions to run for elected office. Most government officials and employees mentioned were fully informed of the article long before this current year started, and they were given opportunities to have input as to the content.

Scott Rose, Gary ReMine, Jim Jensen, Jim Elmquist and Becky Lubahn were all given notification in writing on November 11, 2012 that Outer Boundary Magazine was composing an article about the very subject matter that ended up appearing in the 2014 summer issue. This notification was approximately fifteen months prior to any public statements by any individuals wanting to run for elected office, and is easily ascertained that any such election was not a determining factor for the composing and publishing of the article.

Furthermore, to have the Dodge County Board issue a false statement as they did on August 12, 2014 is incomprehensible, as the implied determination by the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board was inaccurate and misleading. The actual determination read:

"The issue raised by this complaint appears to be, at least in the first instance, a question of law, not professional responsibility. The courts are generally in a better position initially to determine such issues."

The Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board did not determine an investigation is not warranted, in their decision they state the district court is the proper entity to investigate the complaint...if that route is chosen to be pursued. Also stated is the complaint can be brought back before the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board once the district court would rule on the issue and finds improper actions.

The public can go to the following website to read the actual determination handed down by the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board here:!olpr-report/c16s6

Additionally, the Dodge County Attorney did not look into the matter as the county board implies. Paul Kiltinen confirms his inability to take such action in these situations within his written statement to Outer Boundary Magazine:

"There is an inherent conflict of interest in doing an investigation of a person within your department, as such there is a process for proceeding in these cases. All investigations of illegal activities should be done by a unbiased law enforcement representative. If it involves a member of the sheriff’s department, then the Sheriff can ask that an outside investigator be appointed to look into these allegations. If a report is issued regarding the actions of Investigator Rose or Mr. ReMine, then our office would ask that another County Attorney Office review the information to determine if there were any charges that should be brought."

With all the denials from people involved (along with elected officials) as to the validity and merits of the article, I have offered to attend a public debate on the subject so residents of Dodge County could attend, ask questions, review documents, and observe a debate on the matter. This offer was extended to Scott Rose, Gary ReMine, Larry Dobson and Rod Peterson in writing with not a single individual willing to step up to the plate. Individuals who feel the uncovering of improper actions by their colleagues and friends blackens the eye of Dodge County should place their frustrations at the feet of those creating the negative image...and assure the public they do not condone improper or illicit behaviors regardless of relationships. Instead, there is a circling of wagons recklessly ignoring the thick stack of documentation gathered that uncovered the story in the first place. The only course of action taken has been to call names while refusing to address the documented facts, giving a clear indication as to the merits contained within the article.

"All institutions are prone to corruption and to the vices of their members."

~ Morris West

Steve Krueger

Publisher - Outer Boundary Magazine


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