Mantorville Restoration Association Annual Meeting January 13


Anyone who is interested in the history of Mantorville is invited to the Mantorville Restoration Association (MRA) annual meeting, to be held on Tuesday, January 13, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. at the Mantorville Opera House. Visitors and potential new members are welcome.

The MRA was organized in 1963 with the mission to preserve Mantorville’s historic sites and heritage. To that end, the MRA has engaged in many restoration projects in and around Mantorville. In addition to the 1918 Mantorville Opera House, the MRA also owns and maintains the 1856 Restoration House, the cooper’s Log House, and the limestone Carriage House. Current restoration projects include the Greek Revival House and the limestone “normal school” building.

The MRA raises funds through events such as Marigold Days, the Mulligan Stew Supper and Auction, donations from private citizens, and from non-profit pull-tab sales at the Mantorville Saloon, Events Sports Bar & Grill by Saker in Kasson, and Harold’s Club in Dodge Center. These funds pay for tour guides and other staffing, utilities and maintenance of the MRA’s buildings, and promotion of the community. The MRA also gives to the wider community for non-mission related causes including the SEMCAC Food Shelf, K-M Post Prom, Triton Post Prom, Harvest Festival in Dodge Center, K-M Dollars for Scholars and Triton Foundation Scholarship Fund.

The annual meeting is an opportunity to hear about the MRA’s achievements over the past 12 months. Board members and officers for the coming year are elected. Anyone may attend the meeting, with membership to the MRA available through the payment of annual dues. People who cannot attend the meeting on January 13 may send their membership dues to MRA, PO Box 311, Mantorville, MN 55955, or come to any regular meeting on the second Tuesday of each month at the Opera House.

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