February 12, 2014

Quality of education rated high at K-M

•by Randy Carlsen

The Morris Leatherman community survey revealed that K-M School District residents believe the quality of education here is very high. In fact 65% of the 400 respondents said the quality of education is excellent and another 26% rated the quality of education as good. Only 1% rated the quality of education as poor and another 4% as only fair. According to Bill Morris from Morris Leatherman, this was one of the top three out state ratings they have seen in the past decade.

For top quality of education indicators 93% believed the district to be safe and secure, 90% said facilities were well maintained, 86% said standardized tests were an indicator in the quality of education and 86% of grads furthering their education. Morris said these ratings were very favorable and extraordinarily high.

Does K-M meet learning needs? Of the 400 surveyed 49% said "most learning needs are met" and 41% indicated "all needs are being met". "Very few" was 1% and "only some" 4% and another 6% were unsure.

Those surveyed were asked if supporting a referendum was a good investment. Seventy-six (76%) said that was true, 14% disagreed and 10% were unsure. Do the people trust the district/board to do the right thing? Ninety (90%) said yes, 7% disagreed and 3% were unsure.

Has the district spent past funds responsibly? There were 69% who said the district has been responsible, 17% disagreed and 14% were unsure. Has the district considered all options? Seventy-three (73%) said yes, 15% disagreed and 13% were unsure.

As far as job performance ratings 79% had a positive vote of confidence for the school board (8% disagreed), the superintendent 75% (7% disagree), principals 80% (6% disagree) and teachers 87% (2% disagreed). Morris said those ratings were among the highest in the state for surveys they have done. "I consider this outstanding and almost off the charts," said Morris.

Residents may want to know something about the 400 who were randomly selected to take the survey. Forty-nine percent (49%) were male and 51% female. Of those surveyed......READ THE FULL ARTICLE BY PURCHASING THE DCI TODAY!

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