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“When your body is not letting you move, relax, or enjoy life comfortably, I am here to help.”


The quaint town of Mantorville has a candy shop, antique shops, charming and varied restaurants, numerous historic buildings, a growing art guild and now features a women’s studio featuring dance and yoga classes and acupuncture.

Gretchen Lohrbach, L.AC., Diploma Ac, (NCCAOM),M.Om, has established her business on the upper floor of the Mantorville Art Guild, in the former Riverside Gifts building. She is excited to be part of Mantorville’s business community.

Following a doctor’s visit Gretchen was diagnosed with a serious condition requiring invasive treatment. At the time Gretchen was volunteering at a women’s clinic in Des Moines. There she was treated with acupuncture and herbal medicine and the condition disappeared and Gretchen has yet to require the traditional course of medical treatment that was originally prescribed. This experience caused her to change her career focus, move back to Minnesota and enroll at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington. Prior to that Gretchen attended St. Olaf College earning a Bachelor of Arts in English and Dance. Her lifelong love of dance is resurfacing with the teaching of classes at her studio. “I’ve gotten busy with other things in life and am very ready to get back into dance. I am excited to start teaching classes”, Gretchen shares. She will be offering two classes each week for both beginning yoga and stretching and adult women's low impact ballet barre technique starting September 6th. More information is available on the studio’s website,

“To be a licensed acupuncturist a person needs a bachelor’s degree and then a master’s degree in acupuncture/oriental medicine must be earned. Three board exams must be passed to be licensed by the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice. This license must be maintained by yearly renewal and 60 hours of continuing education every four years must be completed”, Gretchen continues. Gretchen emphasized that Minnesota has strict requirements. People can be reassured Gretchen is well qualified and up to date with the needed training. She has a separate room of the studio devoted to acupuncture treatments. She is currently accepting clients by appointment only. Her goal is to establish a women’s studio but has been treating men by referral. “I have been treating some musicians with repetitive motion injuries and some athletes. They have been pleased with the results from acupuncture”, Gretchen says. “Acupuncture needles are so small, the size of a human hair, that patients have virtually no discomfort”, Gretchen continues. Gretchen also shares that acupuncture is an incredibly old therapy. It has existed for over 2000 years. It has withstood the test of time and works well to treat many modern ailments, especially those involving pain. “I have had patients finally experience headache relief after having acupuncture when traditional medicine was unsuccessful”, Gretchen says with a smile of satisfaction from knowing she helped someone to restore their health.

Gretchen credits her mother for influencing her and being her inspiration. She always saves current health and nutrition related research articles for Gretchen and raised her children to live a healthy lifestyle full of cooking, gardening and the enjoyment of the woods. “I also give credit to Dr. Fulford. He graduated from the same osteopathic college that I attended for two years”, (Des Moines University-Osteopathic Medical Center). Gretchen recommends reading his book, “Dr. Fulford’s Touch of Life”. She also harbors the aspiration to start a book club centered on healing literature. Gretchen also has a list of simple every day things people can do to improve their health. 1. Stretch before getting out of bed each morning. 2. Drink a full eight ounces of water upon waking. Add lemon juice or one tablespoon apple cider vinegar for extra toxin cleansing benefits. 3. Lay down and elevate your legs above your heart for 10-15 minutes each day. 4. If you have neck/shoulder/back pain use two hands to open a car door, heavy doors of buildings or to lift heavy grocery store items such as a gallon of milk. 5. Center yourself and always lift from your core. Gretchen, too believes in the restorative properties of sleep and acknowledges that people suffering from pain often times cannot sleep which impedes their body’s ability to heal.

To make an appointment with Gretchen please call 507-251-6703. She is currently offering 20% off the first treatment. She is also offering a discount for enrollment in two or more classes a week. She plans to have an open house in the future so people can drop by and visit the studio. Whether it be dancing or bringing people back to good health, Gretchen is ready to share her expertise to help people move, relax and enjoy life comfortably.


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