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Dr. Katie Elmore, DC

Elmore Family Chiropractic


Dr. Katie Elmore graduated from North Dakota State University in 2005 with the intent of applying to medical school. After a stint of hospital work she realized that being an MD was not for her and she changed the focus of her education choosing to attend Northwestern College to study chiropractic care. "The hospital working environment was not what I had envisioned. Making the decision to study chiropractic care was a much better fit for me", shared Dr. Katie.

Dr. Katie graduated in 2009 and worked in Austin and Rochester before opening her office in Kasson on November 1, 2012 in Daniel's Plaza. EFC is located on the north end of the building and offers the convenience of parking at the front door.

The spectrum of care Dr. Katie offers is expansive. She treats all ages; newborns, children, youth and adults. She is dedicated to ongoing education and has completed additional training in pediatric and post-natal care from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. She commonly treats children for digestive issues including constipation. For infants, colic may the reason for a visit. "Studies have shown chiropractic care can reduce crying time by 50%", states Dr. Katie. Infants usually sleep through their adjustments and parents report calmer babies. As expected, Dr. Katie treats various types of pain-back, neck, shoulder, hip, arm or leg. "After the first treatment a patient may not notice a change, but after a couple more there is a noticeable difference. It does depend on whether it's been a chronic pain issue or something that has more recently occurred", she explained. Chiropractic care can also be used to bring relief for stiffness, painful joints, numbness, headaches and cold hands and feet. People suffering from arthritis and bursitis may wish to schedule a consult with Dr. Katie. "People can come in and simply talk before any treatment is done", reassures Dr. Katie. "I want people to know chiropractic care is not painful-treatment is based on the patient's comfort level. I am only as firm as needed whether hands on or using an adjustment tool."

Dr. Katie's goal is to help as many people as she can. The office is family friendly and children are welcome to accompany their parents to treatments. "I love it when children come to the office. We welcome families to come in for care".

Elmore Family Chiropractic also provides nutrition counseling and offers supplements for sale. A 28 day detox is available for those dealing with food allergies and/or sensitivities. "It's a complete cleansing and you will feel great after you do it", Dr. Katie says speaking from experience.

Dr. Katie is married to Patrick, who being a people person, may on occasion be seen at the office visiting with patients and families. They currently reside in Rochester with their two Puggles. Rochester may be home, but Kasson is the chosen location for Dr. Katie's practice. "It's been good coming to Kasson. We like it here and have had a good start", smiles Dr. Katie. This, along with her decision to switch from med school to the study of chiropractic care, demonstrate that change can be a good thing.

Appointments with Dr. Katie can be made by calling 634-7288. More information can also be found at Dr. Katie is ready to help make a positive change in your health.


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