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Talk about fast, Cindy Erickson is living it. Last January she signed on with Tank Goodness to start a cookie delivery business in Rochester. In February she and her husband Rick took a month long vacation to Texas. During that month Cindy thought about the business. She set some goals and made plans and preparations. By May 1st she was ready to go. Thank, rather, tank goodness, she took the time to recharge her batteries because business is hot. Just like cookies out of the oven.

In 2004 Tank Goodness was born in Minneapolis from Dennis and Anne Tank's desire to break from their routine jobs and do something somewhat unconventional with the delicious cookies family and friends came to expect whenever Anne and Dennis showed up. The business began out of a South Minneapolis pizzeria kitchen and was soon delivering cookies to customers, both at home and at business.

"That is what makes this more than a cookie delivery business," says Cindy. "Businesses can send brochures, messages and business cards along with the cookies which makes for an inviting introduction to new client or business. It is a nice way of communicating a warm, personal message", Cindy smiles.

Personal is what it is all about for Cindy. She likes the connections she makes when she delivers the cookies. Cookies she has just baked and loaded in an insulated container to insure they arrive warm from the oven. Currently Cindy is baking cookies at Jimmy's Pizza in Kasson. "It is wonderful to be able to use the kitchen there. It is a good location and the owners, (Roger and Mona Draheim and Nicole Lambright) have been great", says Cindy.

Cindy came into this business with a background in retail. "I was looking and waiting for the right opportunity," Cindy shares. She first became acquainted with Tank Goodness as a customer ordering cookies for her son in the Twin Cities to recognize a business achievement. "It was obvious to me this business was something more. This was more than just a sale. This was providing an experience. It is also a way to partner with businesses and help them network and market their company", she continues.

At this time Cindy and Rick are putting the finishing touches on a former restaurant kitchen renovation in NE Minneapolis. Their daughter Megan was contemplating a career change and she will now be part of the Tank Goodness enterprise baking cookies at this location. "Dennis wants to grow this business nationally," says Cindy. "Rick and I will be helping with other aspects of the business so he can focus on offering business opportunities to people across the country", she continues. Tank Goodness has locations in Omaha, Madison, San Diego and Atlanta with Mankato, Naperville, IL and Detroit Lakes, MN opening soon. Tank Goodness licenses locations to people who have access to a commercial kitchen. Packaging is purchased through Tank. The locations are licensed rather than franchised as Tank did not want the business to be cost-prohibitive for someone starting.

Cindy offers chocolate chip oatmeal or raspberry white chocolate chip cookies and they may be purchased in a variety of ways. People may call and place a onetime order (minimum two dozen). When Cindy delivers the cookies she will ask permission to take a photo which she will post on Facebook allowing the giver to view the cookie experience. Individuals or businesses can also open a cookie jar account that allows single dozens to be ordered whenever they desire. Milk can also be delivered to complete the cookie experience. Businesses can also arrange for a cookie break having cookies delivered on a regular basis. She can take orders within a 20 mile radius of Rochester.

Cindy also takes time once a month to donate eight dozen cookies to the Gift of Life House and Ronald McDonald House both located in Rochester. "When I walk out with a tear on my cheek after delivering those cookies, it makes it all worthwhile", says Cindy. "This is not just about selling cookies; it's being able to provide someone with a warm-fuzzy, feel good experience. A throwback to a good memory", she explains.

Is there more in the cookie jar? "Of course with the holidays approaching there is always more", Cindy says with knowing look. Customers placing two or more holiday orders that are pre-booked with a two week notice will be offered a free dozen cookie certificate. Plus new offerings are in the works; warm gooey brownies and warm chewy monkey tails (think caramel and cinnamon). To schedule a cookie experience call Cindy at 507-202-3276 or email her at and prepare for the "Yummmmmmmm!'


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