Karen Fast, Mops and Buckets

A love for cleaning and helping people


Karen Fast, along with her husband Rodney, is the owner of the business Mops and Buckets. Karen's motivation comes from her strong desire to help others. She especially likes to be of assistance to elderly and disabled people. Her business, Mops and Buckets, allows her to do just that.

Karen grew up in foster homes and spent lots of time cleaning. Lucky for her, she enjoyed it. As an adult she held many different jobs; waitress, bartender, food quality technician, bank account specialist to name a few. After losing her first husband, she met Rod, and he asked her what she liked to do. She replied that she had always liked to clean. He asked her if she would consider starting a cleaning business. With a shrug of her shoulders, she replied that it might be worth a try. The couple took time to pray about their possible venture. Continuing their conversation one day each one wrote what they thought would be a good name for the business on a slip of paper. Turning them over they discovered they had both written "Mops and Buckets". Taking that as a good sign, two and one half years ago they decided to proceed.

Mops and Buckets provides cleaning services plus. Karen not only cleans for clients, she cooks and does laundry as well. "I really like to help people. If I can do something to help them, especially if they are elderly or disabled, that is important to me", she shares. She also likes to help young families to be able to come home to a clean house and have more time to spend together as a family rather than being burdened with household chores. "I just love to do what I can to help people", Karen shares.

Mops and Buckets can provide weekly cleaning or one time services. They are available for residential as well as commercial cleaning jobs. They will also do attic, basement and garage cleaning. "We help people organize and clean these areas whether they are moving or selling a property such as an estate that needs to be cleaned up before being listed for sale", Karen continues. They will also do construction clean-up and occasionally a yard. "We don't do too many of those", smiled Karen. They will also do windows or just specific requests, like only bathrooms. "We do a variety of job requests. Pretty much whatever the customer wants", said Karen. "For some we wash walls and ceilings-whatever needs to be done".

Currently Mops and Buckets has five employees plus one on standby for those times when there is extra work. "We may be picking up two more businesses. If that happens we will need to hire more people", says Karen when asked what goals they have for the business. "It is our goal to grow and hiring more employees shows we are meeting that goal", she explained.

In a short period of time Mops and Buckets has been busy adding customers and doing whatever is necessary to help the business grow and be successful. They provide free estimates and strive to do what the customer requests. To contact Mops and Buckets call 634-6700. They may also be emailed at mopsandbuckets@kmtel.com and can be found on Facebook. Mops and Buckets. Boxes and baskets. Frying pans and spatulas. Detergent and softener. Ladders and squeegees. Whatever is needed to get the job done. Call Mops and Buckets.


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