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Tammy Marquez is a travel counselor at Bursch Travel in Rochester where their office is located in the Crossroads Shopping Center. Working for Bursch Travel allows Tammy to be part of a network of agents providing her with a wealth of information and resources. Bursch Travel has 14 branch offices located throughout Minnesota, North Dakota and Nebraska. Recently a Bursch Travel agent found an airfare of $400 to Hawaii. She shared this valuable information with all the other Bursch employees in case they had clients interested in Hawaii so they could take advantage of this amazing offer. Within hours the flight was sold out but there were many fortunate Bursch Travel clients who reaped the benefit of this interoffice sharing. Many people use the internet to plan trips and book tickets, but few have the time to find good reputable deals such as this one. That one example illustrates how Tammy can provide professional travel service to her clients and take their travel experiences to the next level.

All of the Bursch Travel agents have different travel specialties making them the ex­perts in those areas. Tammy ‘s expertise is plan­ning Disney vacations making sure to not miss any of the important details needed to make this a magical experience for her clients. In addition to her knowledge Bursch Travel is an “Authorized Disney Vacation Plan­ner” She is also experienced in planning destination weddings, honeymoons and vacations in Mexico. This does not mean she cannot plan a trip to Paris, Palm Springs or Peoria. There is a good chance someone in the Bursch "family" has been there and can offer their expertise in helping Tammy plan the perfect trip for your needs.

Bursch Travel has earned the distinction of being the largest privately owned travel agency between the Twin Cities and Seattle. Tammy has high praise for the company and states:

”They are a great employer and an awesome travel company to work for. Bursch Travel treats their employees very well.” Employees are encouraged to make decisions that will result in the best possible travel experience for customers. Bursch Travel also offers the benefits of being part of the American Express Travel Representative Agency Network. “This allows us to offer exclusive promotions and added values from our preferred travel vendors to our clients.” Tammy relates.

Owner Fred Bursch is the son of company founders M.W. "Pete" and Audrey Bursch. In 1956 they purchased the Bus Depot Cafe in Alexandria providing travelers with Greyhound bus tickets along with lunch. Able to provide know­ledgeable and trustworthy information gathered from Pete's business travel experience they eventually started selling airline and steamship tickets and offering vacation planning. At this time 30-40 buses were passing through Alexandria daily and the travel agency outgrew the restaurant and bus depot. Pete and Audrey's group tours to Hawaii, Europe and Scandinavia, formed the backbone of the business. In 1960 a branch office opened in St. Cloud and now serves as headquarters for the company. In 1963 Pete and Audrey sold the cafe to focus on travel. Fred took over company operations in 1977 and purchased the business in 1986. Even though the company grew under Fred's guidance he makes it known that the real credit belongs to his father. Fred says "My father was the true entrepreneur."

Tammy grew up in Iowa and has a degree in social work. Why then is she working in travel? "My mom worked for an agency in Rochester and fifteen years ago I started there. It just worked out", she shares with a shrug of the shoulders. At Bursch Travel Tammy can provide a little or a lot. She can help someone purchase plane tickets or plan an extensive two week tour of Europe including all transportation-land and air, lodgings, meals, tickets to attractions, and so much more with her professional knowledge and expertise. Tammy said "People are realizing the internet is limited. It can provide information, but I can go a step beyond that and help them save time, add value and offer peace of mind when planning their trip.” Tammy is also able to make travel arrangements with clients by phone or email. Many of her customers never set foot in the Rochester office, another time saver for her clients with busy schedules.

Tammy works in Rochester, but calls Kasson home. She has four children, Jeff, 22, a student at the University of Northern Iowa, Hailey, in 9th grade, Brendan, in 8th and Hannah in 5th, all students in the Kasson-Mantorville School District. Her career goal is to become the officer manager for the Bursch location in Rochester. "Of course that will be when BJ (her office partner) retires", she says with a smile. Currently the two of them work together at the Rochester location.

Whether it is worldwide or stateside travel by car, bus, rail, plane or ship Tammy is ready to assist you with your travel plans. Leisure or business, group tours or independent travel, she has the resources to cover it all. For more information visit www.burschtravel.com. Several of Bursch Travel’s upcoming tours and cruises may be viewed on their website. To contact Tammy call her at 281-3652 or 800-243-3652, her e-mail address is tammym@burschtravel.com.


Tammy Marquez is a travel counselor at Bursch Travel


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