Wendy Forthun, Vice President, Associate Broker, REALTOR® -An Experienced Farmland Professional

Wendy Forthun has found her niche. Little did she know back in April 2003 when she was hired as a receptionist at 1 Stop Realty she would be where she is now. At the time Wendy was happy to be back living in the area she grew up in and was simply ready to earn income for her family. Working at 1 Stop Realty however she realized that real estate was not just selling houses and parcels of land; it was about connecting with people. After experiencing that ‘ah-ha’ moment, Wendy knew she could sell real estate and do a good job of it.

Wendy obtained her real estate license in 2004 and went on to earn her broker’s license in 2007. She is currently working toward the highest designation a land broker can receive, The ALC, Accredited Land Consultant.  She also credits the late Warren Swenson for helping build her knowledge and confidence in the field. Warren’s expectations were high as was his support as Wendy tackled assigned tasks. “I must have been doing something right. In 2009 I was honored to be the first non-family member to become vice president of such a wonderful company!”

1 Stop Realty was founded in the early 1970s by Warren Swenson and Ralph Engelsted as a full service real estate marketing firm in Kasson, MN. In 1979, son Kirk Swenson came on board after a post college career in banking and financing. Kirk expanded farm sales and added farm property management to the offerings at 1 Stop Realty. 1 Stop Realty is located in the small community of Kasson, but that may be the only thing small about it. Last year the company had over $23 million in land sales alone. Business was conducted in over seven states across the country. 1 Stop is licensed in Minnesota, Iowa and the Dakotas and they have built strong relationships with other brokers across the country.

Currently Wendy oversees twelve agents; in the Kasson office and in the 1 Stop Realty office in Olivia, MN. Wendy specializes in working with both buyers and sellers in land and farm sales. Clients include farmers, people who have inherited land, absentee owners and so on. She believes in doing business the old fashioned way-face to face. More than once a seller has been surprised to see Wendy drive up in her truck, walk up, complete with cowboy boots, and hand deliver papers that yes, could have been mailed or sent electronically. Wendy likes the satisfaction of sitting at the client’s kitchen table and discussing a transaction over a cup of coffee. “When I get to know people I know I can provide what they need throughout the transaction,” Wendy offers as a way of explaining why she goes the extra mile to establish relationships that reach beyond a simple business transaction.  Wendy knows this is her strength and she is ready to put it to good use in helping clients with the sale and purchase of farm, developmental, transitional and recreational land. 

Wendy is a member of both the Kasson and Mantorville Chambers of Commerce, a board member of the Dodge County Golf Benefit and a newly appointed vice president of the National REALTORS® Land Institute. Wendy and her husband Aaron live outside of Mantorville with their two children Kaitlyn and O’Rion. Even though Wendy is thoroughly dedicated to her career there is one thing she will not sell short regarding her family life. Every night the family sits down to supper together. “Some nights it might be 8:00, but we do it, every night. I feel this is the one way my family can stay connected and help remind them, no matter what, we are here for each other. “

Wendy is proud to have been a part of the Dodge County Golf Benefit that in the last six years has raised $27,000 for scholarships for Dodge County students. Unfortunately the benefit has been put on hold this year due to lack of committee members. The job has become too great for the three REALTORS® who started the benefit; Liza Larsen, Richard Masching and Wendy. Wendy is hopeful they will find additional volunteers and be able to continue. She is disappointed they will not be able to offer scholarships this year to the 2011 seniors, but “I guess that just means we have to come back even bigger & better for next year!”

In this world seemingly dominated by technology Wendy Forthun holds fast to the good old fashioned belief of doing business face to face. She may be in the business of selling land but she is not at all hesitant to get some mud on her boots making a trip out to a farm to offer a deal, drop off documents or maybe just chat over a cup of coffee. For Wendy it is all part of the deal.


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